• Ruben E.

    Ruben E.

    UX/UI Product Designer

  • Duarte Nuno Valadas Segurado

    Duarte Nuno Valadas Segurado

    Scrum Master

  • Agata Małek

    Agata Małek

  • Patrício dos Santos

    Patrício dos Santos

  • Rita Oliveira

    Rita Oliveira

    HR professional, Psychologist, and writer. Also a musician in training. Seeking to communicate and learn about Human interaction — especially in the workplace.

  • Matheus Ribeiro

    Matheus Ribeiro

    Just one more Brazilian Product/UX Design living abroad passionate about technology, science communication and human behavior.

  • Oyeendar


  • Luisa Celino

    Luisa Celino

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