I would like to have another thought for some brands to move back to the old logos. Digital brands like Airbnb or Google will always be reachable by the consumers in the same way regardless of the logo: you type their name in your browser and voilá!

It is almost the same for brands like Starbucks, who have their one stores. The consumers only need to keep going to the same store/cafe. Of course, they are in the supermarkets as well, but their largest business (and consequent revenue) don’t come from that.

But for brands like Tropicana or GAP, most of their business in retail: supermarkets, department stores… the consumer needs to recognize then quickly otherwise they will assume the brand is not there, and they will look for an alternative.

In the end, it is also about the effort behind the new learning buying pattern for the consumer that could cost a lot of money to the brands while the consumer is unable to identify the new brand.

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Helena Borges

Helena Borges

Product designer @ Mercedes-Benz. Traveller. Foodie & amateur chef. A wine and craft beer enthusiast. Proud polaroid owner. Cat lover. Vinyl collector.