5 Things I do every day for a perfect work-life balance

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

1. I do what I love

I had the privilege to always work in my professional area and overcome the big financial crisis of 2008. I always combined my job with some freelance works that helped me learn new things and try new fields. I evolved in the way I planned to. My degree was in Multimedia Communication, so I took the first years to explore the area as much as possible to understand what I liked the most. And with all the learnings from the last 15 years, I managed to grow and draw my career based on what I liked.

2. Start the day with some self-care time

No matter what I need to do first thing in the morning for work, I will start the day focused on myself and nothing else.

Cartoon by Scott Adams on Dilbert

3. I’m not afraid to unplug

I take a full hour for your lunch and enjoy it. I refuse to eat in front of the computer. The key is to have time during the day to think about other things, to cook a nice meal (I love to cook, it’s almost therapeutic), to watch an episode of my favourite tv show, to hang out with family or friends, to take a nap. It’s beneficial to have these breaks even for work; I’m able to distance myself from the work topics, and once I am back, I can see everything from a different perspective. These breaks often help me overcome a creative blocker and get some energy.

4. Set some boundaries

I work under a very flexible schedule policy which might sound great. But for some people, it means I need to be available all the time. Guess what I don’t. I need to work eight hours a day and 40 hours a week, and that’s what people need to expect from me.

5. Prioritise my mental health

Last but not least, the vital element of this whole topic: mental health. I started therapy a few years ago to help me handle anxiety, know myself better and understand others perspectives. Knowing myself is helpful to overcome complicated situations, care more about myself and let go of toxic circumstances. Therapy is crucial to keep my work problems away from my personal life and the other way around.

Calvin and Hobbes in Twitter


These tips are personal, and it doesn’t mean that they will work with you as well. There is no magic formula to find a healthy balance between your work and personal life. But I hope this can, at least, inspire you to find your way to conquer this balance.



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